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From Click to Online Conversion:

Boosting Your Brand's Revenue

Gain the practical ideas to rapidly move shoppers from click to online conversion.

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Discover How to Maximise Your Brand's Sales Potential

The top 3 priorities for ecommerce stores listed from our live webinar survey were:

  • Helping shoppers find the items they’re looking for
  • Providing a fast and optimised website experience
  • Attracting the right visitors to the site

Brands know that consumer expectations have evolved rapidly in recent years—and continue to do so at a blistering pace. Online shoppers aren’t looking to be sold to, but instead, seek to connect with brands that understand them.

Is your ecommerce strategy primed for peak performance in a customer-led market?

Unlock vital insights to enhance the online shopping experience and drive revenue growth in our on-demand webinar, “From Click to Online Conversion”.

Take a Deep Dive Into:

📊 Understanding the metrics that matter, including conversion rate, ad spend allocation, and customer lifetime value (LTV), to turn small gains into significant revenue outcomes.

🛠️ How the right tech stack and robust SEO strategies can get the right customers to your online store and help them convert faster.

🔎 Taking a customer-first approach with innovative strategies to enhance product discoverability and eliminate points of friction throughout the buyer journey.

💡 The art of A/B testing and using data to create compelling conversion-driven onsite journeys.

🕵️‍♂️ And, essential insights into traffic quality, personalisation, and the crucial balance of customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty, and much more.

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Gain instant access to explore these strategies on-demand with our panel of experts—and turbocharge your online conversion engine.


Expert Panelists:

Charles Summers
Head of Growth

Sara Circle

Sara Perada 
Senior Partner Manager

Eric Circle

Eric Panofsky
Founder, Chief Designer + Developer

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